Singer 2277 Tradition Sewing Machine Reviews

The Singer is always a reliable name to go with when you want to purchase a quality efficient sewing machine from beginners to experts.

The Singer has a machine to fit your skillset. They have always been my favorite brand of sewing machines and the only brand of sewing machine that I have ever owned. I have found that Singer has a wide range of machines that are useful and practical. Sewing comes with tedious tasks like winding the bobbin, threading the needle, and all the lining up and pinning fabric. The features of sewing machines can ease those problems.

The Singer 2277 sewing machine, however, is perfect if you’re just learning to sew. It has the right balance of features so that there are enough options to enhance your experience without overwhelming and confusing you. While I’m not a new seamstress, I can still appreciate a simple sewing machine and its features.

Singer 2277 Sewing Machine Reviews and Features

Here are my favorite features of the Singer 2277 Sewing Machine.

Plenty of Stitch Settings

This machine has 23 stitches, which means you are bound to find the stitch you need! Along with this, you can adjust the length and width of your stitches so you can make them as tight or loose as you need. This helps make sure that you’re not having your fabric bunch up if the stitches are too tight for the density of the fabric.

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Automatic Bobbin Winding

You won’t be spinning the bobbin in your hand for 5 minutes! Winding the bobbin has got to be my least favorite part of sewing, so the automatic bobbin winding is a must in my book.

Either Mountable or Portable

You have the option to mount the machine to your sewing cabinet or not! You could just keep it in a bag stowed away in your closet between uses like me. But it is nice to have the option to mount it if you have to space to do so and will be using the machine often.

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Automatic Embroidery Needle Threader

There’s nothing more irritating than trying to thread a needle with tired eyes when you are on a deadline to finish your project! Except maybe running out of thread on the bobbin and not noticing for the last 300 stitches. Still, as a beginner, this is one less thing you’ll have to worry about and perfect.

Automatic 1-Step Buttonhole

As I’ve grown in my skill sets with sewing, I still can’t do without the 1 step buttonhole feature. It’s so convenient and opens up your range of projects that you can take on. Being able to create buttonholes with such simplicity is such a great feature.

Heavy Metal Frame

Having a sturdy sewing machine not only feels good, but it also makes sewing more comfortable and reduces skipping when you’re moving your fabric around. Another great feature for new sewers. This machine is built to last, and if you’re sentimental like me, you’ll be able to pass it down to the next generation with proper care. The machine its self is 15 x 6.2 x 12 inches and 13.6 pounds.

Zipper Foot

This machine has a zipper foot that is used to add zippers and other accessories to your projects. Again, this will give you an array of project options. Though it may take practice to use the features, it’ll come in handy when you want to make clothes.

The Pros:

  • Great for learning, and beginning sewers because of simplicity
  • Great price point
  • Also suitable for advanced sewers because it will make stitches without bunching, even on fabrics like denim
  • Decorative stitches to make your projects beautiful
  • Stitch guide to help you decide when to use which stitch
  • Instructional DVD is included for those who need it, as well as online support.
  • Comes with several warranties
  • It’s easy to see and select the different stitches on the dial.
  • Small machine for compact storage and motility
  • Convenient storage in the arm of the machine for small pieces, extra thread, or extra  sewing needles
  • Auto-reverse stitch, which helps secure your stitches from unraveling

The Cons:

  • The machine is not programmable for quick setting changes while working on multiple projects at once
  • Manual settings, meaning it’s not digital. Some of us enjoy the modern feel of digital settings with plenty of buttons
  • A small sewing table, which makes working with big pieces of fabric more difficult. ( example, dresses/formal wear, quilting)
  • Small machine; while this is also a pro, it is also a con for those who need the bigger machine for their work
  • While the automatic needle threading is definitely an asset, it can take a while to get comfortable with using it if you’re not experienced with the feature
  • Maybe not so much a con, but you must follow the directions in the book that comes with the machine when you wind the bobbin. At least it was for me. The winding bobbin feature works differently with this machine than it has with my previous machines and can be a point of frustration for you.

My Verdict

Overall my opinion of Singer 2277 is positive! I think this is an excellent machine for the vast majority of people with sewing projects. The machine may not have all the ‘bells and whistles’, but it truly will get the job done. Mending clothing, clothing creation, curtains, blankets, embroidery, etc. will all be able to be made with this machine. It is able to be used for a variety of materials like sheer materials, flannel, denim, or really anything I can think of and with multiple layers of fabric.

The machine adjusts so that you can use the proper needles for different materials, and it has the power to stitch the materials. There’s also a tension setting to perfect your stitches without bunching fabric. The features of this machine will take some of the frustration out of the burdensome tasks of sewing with a machine. It’s a perfect little machine if you’re the average seamstress!

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