Janome HD3000 Review: Heavy-Duty Sewing Machine

Are you a sewist or a beginner with the aim of sewing a wide range of sewing and high-quality work? Janome HD-3000 Heavy Duty Machine is the best for you due to its impeccable features that enable you to deliver quality work to your clients.

For instance, the Handy instructional guide located on the top of the tray door indicates the stitch and the feet setting for multiple sewing tasks. The body which is made of Heavy Duty Aluminum flame has 18 stitches with the addition of a one-step buttonhole, thus making the machine perfect to handle a wide variety of sewing projects ranging from small projects to large commercial sewing.

The HD3000 Heavy Duty Machine has its stitch width and length adjustments conveniently positioned at the front of your machine, thus making your sewing experience enjoyable.

Janome HD3000 Review

Janome HD3000 Review and Features

Efficient and Easy Stitch Selection

All you need is to turn your stitch selection dial on the preferred stitch, which will show in the flip-up or the red stitch panel. It also allows the Sewist to view all the 18 stitches at one glance within the up flip stitch panel.

A Drop in Bobbin

It ensures you can easily drop your bobbin in a flawless and fast bobbing changing steps. The built-in needle threader saves you from straining your eyes as you try to fit the thread in its correct position; thus no more frustration as you do your sewing.

The bobbin system will always counter any jam, thus an assured jam-proof system. Changing your bobbin is always easy therefore, there is no need to worry about the edge running off your smart project. This is because the Bobbin system is also designed as a jam-proof in your sewing machine.

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Removable Free Arm

The storage compartment is removable, thus turning the machine into a free arm. The free arm enables you to sew shirt sleeves or pants legs with ease, thus saving your time and resources.

Bonus Heavy-duty, Fashion and Quilting Accessories

The machine comes with a wide variety of incredible quilting accessories. This enables you to save your money since you don’t need to call for help all the time. For instance, the cover or the hard case protects your machine from getting damaged quickly.

Others include one pack of high-quality universal needles, a pack of blind hem foot and bobbins with overedge foot and buttonhole foot of various sizes and dimensions.

Automatic Buttonhole is Available for Faster Project Delivery

The screwdriver is also available of various sizes, spool holders both the large and the small sizes also available. For efficient use, the foot control or simply the power cord is easily movable to ensure high-speed sewing, thus saving your precious time.

The presser foot pressure is easy to adjustable to the desired position for easy and precise sewing by simply turning your dial. The presser foot is adjusted, thus allowing you to do your sewing on different thicknesses of a wide variety of fabrics and other materials.

Notable Features:

  • Full rotary hook positioned horizontally
  • Aluminum body painted with various color for your best color choice
  • Built-in thread cutter
  • Drop feed -6 piece feed dog with a reverse stitch lever
  • Maximum stitch speed of 860 pm. 18 stitches
  • Maximum stitch width and length of 6.5mm and 4.0mm respectively
  • A three-step adjustable dial foot pressure with an extra high and low presser foot lift with a snap presser feet.
  • Thread cutter and a needle threader, which is built-in with a spool pin alighted a seven-piece drop-dog feed horizontally.
  • Installed pull/push bobbin winder for easier stitch selection.
  • Heavy duty with an aluminum body flame
  • The removable free arm was thus flexible to use and carry from one room to another and storage.
  • 18 Stitches which includes a four-step buttonhole


  • Perfect for the beginner with little experience since the Janome can sew multiple types of denim layers without bunching, thus saving your time as you produce high-quality work.
  • Easy to fix in case the metal rod that hooks on the ends is shaken, especially during shipping. Once you open the case bottom which hooks on the bar back which for instance can lead to reverse sewing but once fixed it will sew beautifully.
  • Faster, quieter and efficient thus sewing since for instance, the needles stop immediately remove the foot off the pedal, unlike the regular machines.
  • Extra strong feed dogs thus ensuring you have high-quality work and faster in big projects without worrying about the extra stitches anymore.
  • The machine is relatively quiet since it does not produce noise, which is likely to cause interruptions.
  • The machine comes with a free overlock foot.
  • Bonus accessories come with the package to use a better experience with your machine.
  • Top charging for faster and accurate threat positioning and a jam-proof bobbin.
  • The easy reverse level which allows you to backstitch easily for locking seams.


  • The mechanical stitch selection can prove to be chunky and also it is easy to forget which way to turn the wheel.
  • Shifting the needle to the left is not possible but only on the right side, thus adjusting the stitch width can be cumbersome.
  • The machine is heavy thus transporting it from one place to another is tiresome.
  • Thinner material bringing worries on foot petal which can also be slippery.

Final Verdict

The first time sewing experience matters a lot and may determine your attitude towards your career; thus, it is recommendable to use a machine that will inspire not only your innovation but also your creativity. Janome HD3000 guarantees high-quality production with impeccable efficiency. The machine performance, comfort, and intuitive operations will make your sewing experience awesome.

The machine is wholly constructed with aluminum metal intermingled with a smooth and efficient design, thus making the usage of the device easy. The wide range of accessories guarantees you a promising, enjoyable and reliable experience. The handy instruction guide that is placed in the machine top tray door provides the stitch setting for the various sewing tasks.

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