10 Health Benefits of Sewing

You don’t have to be a fashion designer before you can add sewing to your daily activities. Studies have shown that people who spend a few minutes everyday sewing enjoy better health due to the numerous health benefits of sewing. Even if you are not a very creative type and cannot come up with amazing fashion ideas, you can sew just for fun.

The important thing is to ensure you do some sewing in order to enjoy the benefits that come with beginner sewing. In this post, we will look at some of the major benefits of sewing and why you should consider adding sewing to your hobbies.

1. It Helps Boost Brain Power

Any activity that challenges your creativity increases your brain activity, thus boosting your brain power. Sewing is one of the simplest activities that require lots of creativity and mind game. When sewing, your brain is fully engaged as you try to figure out how best to get a particular design you saw in a celebrity fashion magazine. The more you task your brain to give your ideas and suggestions, the more your brain power increases.

2. Improves Concentration

Sewing is one activity that forces your mind to stay in one place and concentrate on the task at hand. It is impossible to be engaged in sewing and still have your mind wandering about.

Sewing helps you cultivate mindfulness and learn to focus on one thing at a time. So, if you have been having problems concentrating, sewing is one great tool that can help you overcome absent mindedness.

3. Helps Beat Stress

Anything that helps you relax automatically reduces your stress levels. You can’t do well in sewing without being relaxed. As you concentrate on the task at hand, your mind and muscles relax to help you get the stitches in the right places and come out with the design you have in mind.

4. Improved Motor Skills

If you have been having a problem with your motor skills, as your hand to eye coordination, the enhanced concentration that comes with sewing will help you achieve just that. People who sew have better hand-eye coordination.

Sewing requires a great deal of attention to detail. And the more you pay attention to the most intricate details, the better your coordination. This improved coordination is quite vital for your cognitive development and overall well being.

5. Relieves Back Pain and Aches

Inactivity can give you back pains. Engaging in regular sewing is one easy way to stop the pains. Every chance you get to engage in such a physical activity does wonders to your joints and muscles.

6. Enhances your Moods

According to studies, engaging in any craft activity like sewing helps increase the production of the feel-good hormone, dopamine in your brain. This explains why people who sew enjoy better moods and have a more positive attitude to life.

7. Helps Fights Dementia

Sewing requires you to remember all the necessary steps you must take before you get the results you want. As you fight to remember these specific steps, you keep your mind clear and focused. This helps keep your mind active and healthy as you grow older, thus fighting off dementia.

8. Helps you Maintain Proper Posture

It takes someone who cares less about his or her health to become hunched as a result of regular sewing. As a matter of fact, sewing can help you maintain an upright posture. Simply ensure you sit straight whenever you are sewing. This upright sitting posture can be carried to all other activities to help you sustain your posture.

9. Helps Fight Arthritis

People with arthritis have found that sewing helps soften their fingers overtime. This softening of the fingers also helps soothe the pains and straighten some fingers that are becoming stiff. Sewing can help maintain the health of your fingers and prevent arthritis.

10. Reduces Blood Pressure

While the link between sewing and blood pressure may not be very clear, people who suffer high blood pressure report lowered blood pressure levels following regular sewing activities. The back and forth movement involved in sewing and the soothing sound of the sewing machine has soothing effects. These factors are believed to be responsible for reduced blood pressure levels during sewing.

Final Words

Apart from these aforementioned health benefits of sewing, sewing affects all other aspects of your life positively. For instance, knowing you have some sewing to do will make you stay mindful of your time usage. Also, sewing offers you the chance to channel your time and energy to something more productive instead of engaging in fruitless ventures and pastimes.

These are just some of the numerous benefits if sewing. Looking at these benefits, you will agree sewing is something you should give a second thought.

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