Brother XM2701 Review: Lightweight Sewing Machine

For the sewist in you, looking for an excellent new sewing machine, which offers various stitch patterns, ease of use, and maneuverability, the Brother XM2701 Sewing Machine is a great option. The versatile, free-arm sewing machine has 27 unique built-in stitches, six quick-change sewing feet, is jam-resistant, and includes a 25-year warranty backing its quality.

So, who exactly is it for, and what are the sewing machine’s capabilities? Let’s dig a little deeper to find out who it’s for, what the best uses are, and whether or not it’s a worthwhile investment for the at-home sewist.

Brother XM2701 Review and Features

When purchasing a new sewing machine, you obviously want a sewing machine that offers several features to enhance usability, design, and operation. What features set this machine apart from other models? The Brother XM2701 Sewing Machine offers a wide range of user-friendly features to help beginners and novice sewists improve their skill sets. And, for more advanced sewists, you’ll create work of arts in no time at all.

One-Step Button Hole Setup

There’s a built-in one-size button holder in the sewing machine. Using this feature, users can easily create custom-sized buttonholes in a matter of minutes, for stitching any blouse, pants, or unique article of clothing they want to create.

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Design Options

The design options are endless with 27 unique built-in stitch patterns to choose from. Blind hem, decorative, quilting stitches, and zigzag designs are a few of the many options to choose from. At up to 800 stitches per minute, the Brother XM2701 Sewing Machine will work through tough fabrics quickly and easily, allowing you to enhance your stitching and design capabilities.

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Sewing Feet

There are six quick-change sewing feet options to choose from on this sewing machine as well. These include the zipper, button sewing, buttonhole, zig zag, blind stitch, and narrow hem options. So, regardless of the fabric you’re sewing or the directional patterns and seams you wish to create, you can do so with this versatile machine.

Threading System & LED Bright Work Area

An automatic threading system, with automatic needle threader, automatically pushes the needle through the thread for you. So, there’s no guessing or trying to find the perfect thread angle. Just push the button on the side of your sewing machine to start it, and it’ll automatically thread the needle for you when you’re ready for your next sewing project.

For those who need a little extra light while working, or want to enhance visibility in a dark space, the LED work light area also helps you see clearly while working with your sewing machine. LED built-in lights make it easier to understand, without over illuminating an area, regardless of how dark the room you’re working in maybe.

Quick-Set Bobbin

A jam-resistant, drop-in quick set bobbin system ensures the bobbin stays in place while you are working. It helps ensure the highest level of stitching quality imaginable; this drop-in system is an exclusive feature on Brother machines, differentiating it from other mid-range sewing machines brands on the market.


Apart from great features, customers obviously want reliability and usability. You want a sewing machine which offers several design capabilities and will help you improve your sewing capabilities. There are many pros that distinguish the Brother Sewing Machine, XM2701 from other sewing machines in this price range. Some of these include:

  • The sewing machine’s dimensions are 12.1″ X 5.9″ X 15.3″ and it weighs 12.6 pounds, making it extremely portable for those who are always on the go
  • It includes an accessory storage compartment
  • It’s capable of stitching up to 800 stitches per minute, at a stitch width of 5 mm and stitch length of 4 mm
  • Brother’s 25-year warranty backs it, so you know you’re getting a well-built machine and quality construction
  • A built-in computer has pre-programmed settings (27 patterns) and a side adjustment knob with images, makes it easy to see exactly which pattern you’re choosing
  • The LED light allows you to sew anywhere and any time
  • It includes an instructional DVD to teach you how to set up the machine, how to use its features, sew patterns, change the sewing feet and more
  • There are a total of 63 stitch functions users can select when working with the Brother Sewing Machine


Before choosing the Brother XM2701 Sewing Machine it’s also important to note some of the flaws which are present in this machine. Some of the cons which you should be aware of before choosing this sewing machine include:

  • It’s LED light isn’t very bright, so it may be challenging to work in certain conditions
  • The presser foot pressure is not adjustable (one speed/pressure setting option)
  • It lacks in additional accessories, meaning you’ll have to buy extra accessories (added cost) which are often included with mid-range machines
  • The automatic needle threader is a nice feature; however, it does require a learning curve for beginners and novice users

The plastic bobbin isn’t well designed (weak) and some parts aren’t made with the highest quality material finishes. It’s worth noting the pros and cons before investing in a novice sewing machine. Therefore, consumers should consider all of these factors as they’re deciding if the Brother Sewing Machine, XM2701 is the best sewing machine for them to invest in.

Who’s the Brother XM2701 Sewing Machine for?

For starters, the machine is well-made and designed. It’s backed by a solid warranty and one of the most reputable names in the industry. It includes 27 pattern options and up to 63 stitch functions.

For the novice to advanced sewist, the machine might be a little pedestrian. It doesn’t offer many accessories, it does a majority of the stitch work for you, and it’s a little bit of a basic sewing machine, especially with newer models containing hundreds of stitch patterns and state of the art computer systems. If, however, you’re a beginner to novice sewist, who wants to build up your skills and design capabilities, this is a great machine to invest in! It’s affordable, has a fairly easy to use the system, and guides you through the process.

The backing of the Brother name and a fair price point, are some of the primary points for the XM2701 series machine by Brother.

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