Brother HC1850 Review – Sewing and Quilting Machine

Today sewing has become one of emerging trends industrially as well as personally. When selecting a sewing machine for industrial purposes or personal use, selecting the best sewing machine is very important. There are many brands in the market with various features and specialties, but only a few with advanced features and long-lasting.

One of the best and popular brands in the sewing machine market is Brother. There are ranges of standard and high-quality sewing machines with various suitable features for different purposes. Brother HC1850 is one of the best electric sewing machines that can be used for personal and industrial use.

This machine has lots of significant and advanced automated features that are adding value to the customer. This article will give a brief description of the Brother HC1850 electric sewing machine with the features, pros, cons and specialties.

Brother HC1850 Review and Features

There are many advanced and significant features in this machine as follows.

Computerized stitches

There are inbuilt 130 different types of unique sewing stitches, 8 different types of auto-sized buttonholes and 55 alphanumeric sewing stitches for basic monogramming. With this automated system can stitch any kind of stitches easily and perfectly to decorate the garment. Easily user can select the sewing style and have the professional and costumed creations.

Stitch functions

There are 170 stitching functions under a few categories: 42 garment construction, 14 quilting stitch functions, 94 decorative stitch functions, and 12 heirloom stitch functions. These stitch functions are useful for flexible, easy, and proper functioning to make the perfect stitching.

Convenient flip chart

A flip chart is attached in front of the machine to recognize the inbuilt stitches. All the stitches are numbered and displayed for proper and easy reference and it helps to select the optimal stitch for the decoration.

Wide table

The machine is placed with a wide removable and adjustable table and it is useful to do large projects. As per the requirements, the sewing machine table can be adjusted to make the work convenient. This adjustability gives enough space for your work and helps to place it in a small space after the use.

LCD Display

A bright and clear LCD display with stitch selector buttons. Stitch selector buttons help to select the stitches you need, and it is clearly displayed on the bright LCD display even in a dark background.

Bright light work area

A super bright LED light is placed on the top of the needle to brighten the working area. It helps to see the work clearly and closer to get the perfect stitch.

Speed controller

Sewing speed can be adjusted into three levels as you needed for the stitch. Low speed, medium speed and high-speed limits are available for better results.

Automatic needle threader

The threading system has made it easy with automatic needle threading. When the leaver got an automated touch system pushes the thread inside the needle. When it is dark, as well as whoever is struggling with eyesight issues, can easily work with this automated machine.

Exceptional feed system

This feeding system allows sewing easily on any kind of fabric and helps move smoothly and accurately to get the perfect stitch on any fabric.

Bobbin winding

It is possible to wound the bobbin easily when placing the thread correctly and press the start button thread is getting wound.

Quick set bobbin

Easily can take the thread out of the bobbin as well as can place the bobbin quickly. Also, bobbin cover is visible and it helps to identify the thread limit on the bobbin, so when it is visible when there is little thread.

Foot controller

The machine can be operating with foot control or without the foot control. It can sew according to the user’s convenience with a general foot controller or convenient controller in the machine.

8 feet

Different types of feet are available to stitch various types of stitch functions neatly and perfectly. There are many more advanced features in the machine, which makes the perfect sewing outcome. Also, these features help to make a high-quality, fashionable garment at a minimum effort and cost.

Brother HC1850 reviews show many advantages as well as drawbacks of the machine.

Advantages of the product are as follows:

  • Flexible enough to sew various types of decorations and garments with one sewing machine.
  • Reasonable price with the advanced automated features.
  • It can operate efficiently. A clear user guide is available with all the relevant instructions, so with the user guide machine can be simply operated.
  • All the relevant tools and equipment are available inside one box.
  • Users don’t need to buy the relevant equipment and gadgets separately.
  • It is possible to stitch any kind of stitch in any type of material neatly and perfectly.

At the same time, there are few drawbacks to the Brother HC1850 automated sewing machine.

The following are a few cons of the product:

  • When it comes to claiming the warranty, there are several restrictions and no proper replacements.
  • It isn’t easy to keep the power code out of the machine easily. Because of the machine vibration, it quickly falls.

This machine can be recommended as one of the best-automated machines with many advantages and limited cons. The machine consists of amazing multiple purpose features for sewing and quilting. The machine can stitch and quilt any kind of light material and hard and thick materials. Any type of material can be decorated with any type of sewing style to have the perfect sewing experience.

There are relevant tools to use for various material and sewing styles to give a perfect finish to your work. Anyone can enjoy and love sewing with this amazing product with excellent results. Everyone can purchase the Brother HC1850 machine easily from anywhere at a reasonable cost with added benefits.

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