Best Sewing Machines For Making Clothes: Complete Buyer’s Guide

Has sewing crossed your mind for the first time in your life? Well, sewing is quickly becoming a valuable and fashionable skill to have; its popularity is growing at a faster rate now than ever before. People of all ages can learn the basics of sewing within a day or two as it is enjoyable, easy, and highly safe to do.

But to master this craft and become an expert at it, you will require an excellent sewing machine that will not only match your skills but also help you build them over time.

If you are a beginner, there is a high likelihood that you don’t know the type of features that a user-friendly sewing machine should have. Fortunately, this guide will review 6 of the best sewing machines for making clothes and give you actionable tips for selecting the right sewing machine.

6 Best Sewing Machines For Making Clothes

1. Janome 2212 Sewing Machine

The Janome 2212 is a fairly easy to use mechanical sewing machine that stands out from other machines due to its high level of reliability. It does an excellent job on multi layer projects, which need numerous layers. It is an excellent choice for making clothes for a minimalist starter machine or experienced sewers in need of a simple machine to act as a backup in case their main machine requires rest or repair.

Janome 2212 Sewing Machine

Measuring 17 x 13.5 x 9 inches and weighing 15.15 pounds, the Janome 2212 is perfectly sized and easy to carry around. It has only 12 stitch options, but they are enough because, as a beginner, you will only require a few different stitches for most projects anyway. The machine has a built-in reverse lever to enable you to lock your stitches effortlessly.

Given that this machine is a front-loader, you must turn the wheel to properly fix your needle before you can begin a new seam. Otherwise, it will jam up once you begin stitching. Mastering the hand wheel requires practice. So with a few tries, you will be good to go.


  • Well-built and dependable
  • Simple
  • An excellent learning tool
  • Fairly easy to use


  • Needle jams
  • Small sewing table
  • Not suitable for many projects

2. Brother CS6000i Sewing and Quilting Machine

Measuring 16 by 6.7 by 11.4 inches and weighing 13 pounds, this user-friendly and ultra portable sewing and quilting machine provides a plethora of sewing and quilting features at a budget-friendly cost. It features 60 integrated sewing stitches, with maximum speeds of 850 stitches per 60 seconds. What’s more, you can choose and change stitch length and width via the display.

Brother CS6000i Sewing Machine

This machine is a perfect choice for tech-savvy beginners who want to learn sewing. It leverages about 120V AC. Thanks to the 7 different types of buttonholing offered by Brother CS6000i, the probability of disproportionate or incomplete buttonholes is extremely low.

This machine comes with 9 different kinds of presser feet to help you handle a wide array of projects as you build your confidence. It also features a removable wide table to enable you to cope with larger quilting projects.

The Brother CS6000i is one of the user-friendliest sewing machines in the market today. It has a clear and intuitive backlit LCD, comprehensible threading diagrams, an automatic needle threader, and a regulating sewing speed control system. Sew sleeves, pant legs, and other cylindrical materials effortless with the integrated free arm. If you are an enthusiastic traveler, then this machine features a solid machine case to help you carry it with ease.

Before you start using this machine, go through the printed quick start guide and detailed instructions handbooks (English and Spanish) that come with it. The guidelines and diagrams are ideal for visual learners. Moreover, it comes with a 25 years limited warranty.


  • A wide Sewing Table
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Versatile


  • Can be wobbly at times
  • Not perfect for heavy fabrics
  • Only Brother compatible

3. SINGER 1507WC Sewing Machine

If you are looking for a machine for basic sewing projects, then SINGER 1507WC won’t disappoint you. It features eight in-built stitches to enable you to handle simple and decorative projects. Choose your stitch with a simple touch of a dial. The machine is convenient to carry and store because it has a carrying handle and comes with a canvas cover. The canvas cover protects the machine from dust and debris.

SINGER 1507WC Sewing Machine

The detachable free arm offers convenient access to collars, cuffs, and sleeves while the on board accessory storage means the included accessories will be easily accessible. The machine makes threading faster and easy with its printed, easy to follow diagrams. The modifiable stitch length along with zigzag width enables you to maintain your seams strong and avoid bunching on any kind of fabric.

Sewing with the SINGER 1507WC is extremely safe, thanks to the automatic bobbin winding clutch. When Zigzagging the bobbin, the needle bar will unfasten automatically. Expect several beginner-friendly accessories packed along with this machine.

They include canvas dust cover, seam ripper, a pack of needles, multi-purpose foot, buttonhole foot, zipper foot, button sewing foot, seam guide, thread spool caps, foot pedal, power cord, and instructional manual (in English, Spanish, and French).

Weighing 16.5 pounds and measuring 15 by 8 by 12 inches, beginners will undoubtedly enjoy the sewing capabilities of this machine.


  • Flexible stitch length control and zigzag width
  • Fast and simple threading
  • Canvas cover to keep off dust and debris
  • 8 built-in stitches
  • An automatic four-step buttonholes


  • Not suitable for heavy-duty projects

4. Brother XM2701 Sewing Machine

If you are a beginner looking for a lightweight and easy-to-use sewing machine to build your sewing skills faster, then look no further than Brother XM2701. This machine is ideal for many day-to-day sewing projects.

The numerous user-friendly functionalities built into this machine will add a spark in your creativity and stir your interest in this wonderful craft. It is your go-to machine if you are a travel enthusiast. It measures 12.1 by 5.9 by 15.3 inches and weighs 15.65 pounds.

Brother XM2701 Sewing Machine

This machine features 27 integrated stitches and maximum speeds of 800 stitches a minute. It comes with a three-piece needle set, extra spool pin, screwdriver, 6 quick-change sewing feet, an instructional DVD, and so forth.

The secure threading system is another feature that makes Brother 2701 suitable for novices. With just a touch of the lever, this machine automatically drives the thread directly through the needle. Other than a 25-year limited warranty, you will get free technical and online support.

The Brother XM2701 is built with LED lights to make your work space bright and enable you to see your design properly. It also allows you to generate custom-sized buttonholes with ease thanks to the one-step buttonhole integrated into this machine.


  • An ideal model for simple and smaller projects
  • Lightweight design
  • Portable
  • Inexpensive
  • Beginner-friendly


  • Lacks medium sewing speed
  • LED lighting not the best
  • Possible problems with bobbins

5. SINGER | Start 1304 6 Built-in Stitches

Measuring 13 x 7 x 11 inches and weighing just 11.5 pounds, the SINGER Start 1304 is a simple and user-friendly sewing machine. It features 6 built-in stitches that make it extremely suitable for beginners.

With a simple press of a dial, you can choose your stitch and begin sewing. What’s more, the stitches have preset width and length to save from the hassles of trying to calculate the figures.

SINGER Start 1304 6 Built-in Stitches

The buttonhole feature on this machine allows you to incorporate buttonholes to your designs with ease. The SINGER Start 1304 comes with a detachable slide-off extension table that serves as your work area. The table features a free arm to help you hem sleeves and trousers.

The threading diagram calibration has simplified threading. That, along with the clear diagrams printed on the machine, saves time and makes the entire threading process easy. The automatic four-step buttonholing is another important feature worth mentioning.

The dual spool pins make twain needle sewing possible in this machine. The sewing process is super easy, thanks to the vertical spool spins. Remember, you aren’t restricted to a twain style of sewing. You can still go with the single option. But if you want to add a lovely touch to your creations consider twain needle sewing.


  • Durable
  • User-friendly
  • Lightweight
  • Simple


  • A limited number of stitches
  • Inflexible stitch width control

6. SINGER | ONE Computerized Sewing Machine

Are you a newbie looking for the right machine for basic sewing projects? If yes, then SINGER ONE sewing machine will work magic for you. It is basic, simple, and safe to use. If you have little to no sewing experience, this model will help you learn faster and work your way towards becoming an advanced sewer. It is resilient, affordable, and stylish. It measures 23 x 10 x 13 inches and weighs 23.9 pounds.

SINGER ONE Computerized Sewing Machine

This machine has made threading the needle a walk in the moon with its automatic needle threaded feature.

Just direct the thread straight from the spool to the needle section via a single groove and press the lever to thread the needle. It also features a unique top drop-in bobbin system that saves you from the stress of lifting the bobbin thread prior to sewing. Simply drop and sew!

SINGER ONE allows you to clearly see your creation thanks to the 3 Stay bright LED lamps that brighten the sewing surface. It is also suitable for many or larger projects, as it has a huge sewing space. Learn new tricks with the many accessories included, from All-Purpose Foot, Satin Stitch foot, Zipper Foot, Blind Hem Foot, One-Step Buttonhole Feet, Needles, Foot Control, Needle Plate Screwdriver, Thread Spool Caps, Seam Ripper, Power Cord, Auxiliary Spool Spin, Soft-Sided Cover to instructional manual.


  • Reliable and durable
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Beautiful vintage design
  • Presser foot sensor


  • Restricted styles of stitching
  • The low resolution on the LCD panel

How to Choose The Best Sewing Machines For Making Clothes

Selecting the right sewing machine for making clothes can prove to be an arduous task due to the many types of sewing machines with varying features, specifications, designs, and costs available in the market. To help you choose a sewing machine that will help you pick up this craft and enhance your skills, we have discussed 4 things you should consider.


Are you looking for a machine you can use frequently or every so often? Or are you looking for a computerized, electrical, mechanical or industrial machine? Make sure that your needs are clear from the start. There are plenty of machines out there to suit the needs of every client. For instance, the Brother CS6000i is perfect for larger projects while the Brother XM2701 is ideal for basic and smaller projects.


Why do you want to buy a sewing machine? You must have a clear answer to this question before you begin your search for the best machine in the market. Do you need a sewing machine for normal sewing jobs, or for embroidery, or for quilting work too? Keep in mind that there are combined sewing machines, which can perform all those tasks. Will such a machine work for you?

Type and Number of Built-in Stitches

The number of built-in stitches varies from one sewing machine model to another. What’s more, different models come with different kinds of stitches, including Zig-Zag stitches, Straight stitches, and Decorative stitches. So you need to be apparent from the beginning about the type of built-in stitches you need as well as their numbers.


How much are you willing to spend on your new sewing machine? You won’t need a huge budget, especially for a beginner sewing machine. But you shouldn’t set your budget too low unless you want inexpensive sewing machines that have limited features and are difficult to use. Set a reasonable budget so that you can afford a decent sewing machine that will help you grasp this craft as fast as possible.

Final Verdict

If you are a newcomer who wants to learn sewing and become a professional, there are a multitude of options for you as far as sewing machines are involved. You just need to know your requirements and prepare a reasonable budget, then look for a quality machine that best matches your requirements and doesn’t leave a dent in your pocket.

We have discussed 6 sewing machines and offered 4 tips for choosing one of the best sewing machines for making clothes to help you get started. Among the 6 sewing machines reviewed in this guide, the Brother CS6000i stands out as a practical, budget-friendly, and adaptable to a plethora of skill levels. It also introduces you to a computerized sewing experience.

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