Best Sewing Machine Oil | Comprehensive Reviews & Tips

Do you own a sewing machine? Or maybe sew for a profession? If so, then you definitely want to read this. Like most machines, a sewing machine needs regular care. Regular oiling, for instance, is key to prolonging your machine’s life. However, using the wrong oil can add to your sewing machine problems. So, what is the best sewing machine oil to use?

Well, look no more. Below are the top 10 best sewing machine oils you can pick on the market. Our top pick is Singer 2131E, high-quality oil for all kinds of machines. From professional to home use, it can handle all. We also recommend Juki sewing machine oil. It’s a professional-grade oil for Juki sewing machines. Nonetheless, it’s compatible with other brands of industrial machines.

But you know your needs best, don’t you? So, read or review below and pick one that best matches your needs.

10 Best Sewing Machine Oil Reviews

We researched the market and tested several sewing machine oils. From our findings, here are the best-selling sewing machine oils on the market.

1. SINGER 2131E All Purpose Machine Oil

Singer sewing machines are among the best out there. But then, what about the oil? Lucky for you, the brand has introduced, Singer 2131E machine oil. Well, there are several valid reasons for buying this sewing machine oil. First, it’s a high-quality pick for a low price. So, it’s no surprise that it features among the best oils on the market. Though it comes from a sewing machine brand, it’s marketed as all-purpose. Hence, it does more than lubricate your sewing machine parts. You can use it in all mechanical parts that require lubrication.


SINGER 2131E is a pure and transparent lubrication formula. As a result, it ensures a smooth and noiseless operation. But that isn’t the only merit of this oil. For the most part, it protects metal parts from rust. And this is precisely what makes it an all-purpose oil. The little red applicator might not look like much. However, it’s handy for precision oiling. Also, the opening is pretty small. This makes it perfect for making a drop or two. Above all, this sewing machine oil doesn’t have an expiry date. Therefore, it can easily age with your sewing machine.

Verdict: For a multi-functional sewing machine oil, this is your best bet.

2. Zoom Spout Sewing Machine Oil

Zoom Spout oil is an excellent choice for hard t reach areas. As the name suggests, the spout can stretch where you want. So, it can easily reach minute crevices in your machine. Plus, it’s bendable. As a result, it can reach tight corners with great ease. As with SINGER 2131E, this is an all-purpose sewing machine oil. It’s ideal for sergers and general household use. The best part, this is a paraffin-based oil. Hence, there’s zero chance of oxidation and rusting. Not to mention, it doesn’t gum. This means it doesn’t stick to fabrics or between metal parts.


Apart from lubricating, it cleans as well, which gives it a ton of benefits. Well, not all sewing machine oils are pure and transparent. Likewise, not all transparent are stainless steel oils. Lucky for you, this sewing machine oil is both of them. It’s a pure, transparent, and clean stainless steel oil.

Verdict: If you’re looking for an industrial-grade oil, Zoom Spout oil if for you.

3. Sewing Machine Oil Lily White

Industrial sewing machines are likely to see more use in an entire week. Plus, experts recommend that you oil after 8 to 10 hours of operation. So, there’s a ton of reasons to look for a much bigger bottle. Well, the giant bottle of this sewing machine oil makes an excellent choice. Sewing Machine Oil Lily White gives roughly 4 liters of industrial-grade oil. Indeed, it’s a must-have for your workshop. And when you compare with others, it offers double the quantity for the price.


Besides quantity, there are several viable reasons for getting this oil. First, it has a water-white color. This makes it ideal for most home and industrial use. It has low viscosity, pleasant texture, and non-gumming properties. Above all, this sewing machine oil is odorless. Therefore, there’s a bunch of reasons that make it a viable purchase.

Verdict: For a stress-free oil that goes a long while, look no further than Lily White.

4. AlabaChem ZOOM-SPOUT Sewing Machine Oil

Zoom is a pretty generic oil made by several companies. Well, AlbaChem is one of them. One feature that sets Zoom oils apart is the bendable, telescopic spout. It enables you to reach tight corners and deep crevices easily. But that’s not what makes it one of the best out there. This sewing machine oil has a lot to offer. In the first place, this is stainless steel oil. So, it does an excellent job taking care of stainless steel parts. This is Lily White oil, thanks to its watery characteristics. That means it doesn’t leave stains or odors on fabrics. Above all, it flows effortlessly for precise application.

AlabaChem ZOOM-SPOUT Sewing Machine Oil

As mentioned earlier, this is stainless steel oil. As a result, it protects parts against rust, friction, and oxidation. Though listed as a sewing machine oil, it does more. It’s ideal for all sorts of mechanical parts that need lubrication.

Verdict: While the capacity is small, the extendable applicator makes this oil a game-changer.

5. Liberty Oil, the Best 100% Synthetic Oil

Liberty is 100% synthetic oil. For that, it gives valuable benefits over non-synthetic oils. First and foremost, it’s stable. As a result, it maintains viscosity, even at high temperatures. Again, it provides less friction. So, there’s a longer interval between oil changes. The best part, it lubricates in an instant, making your machine last longer. Plus, this sewing machine oil is pretty versatile. Apart from stainless steel parts, it’s ideal for plastic and painted surfaces. In short, it’s suitable for all kinds of mechanical parts.

Leakages are a significant problem in most sewing machine oils. Good for you, this oil has a medical-grade needle tip. It offers precision oiling with no mess. Keep in mind; the oil in this container weighs one ounce.

Verdict: This is an excellent alternative to petroleum oils. With it, there’s no more hazardous residue in mechanical parts. Not to mention, a few drops can last a long while.

6. Dritz Sewing Machine Oil

Are you the kind of person that moves a lot? If so, then this sewing machine oil makes a perfect choice. It can fit right inside your pocket or your small toolbox. Besides being among the most portable, it has the best telescopic spout. It’s neither too narrow nor too big. As a result, it lubricates pretty fast. Moreover, you can easily see the quantity of the drops. Keep in mind; the spout extends from between 2 to 9 inches.

Again, this sewing machine oil has no color. That means it doesn’t stain fabrics or leave odors. Thus, it makes an excellent choice for use on textile machines. Well, this is mineral oil specially made for stainless steel parts. It puts a superb fight against rust, oxidation, and friction. Though tagged as a sewing machine oil, it finds a lot of other uses. For the most part, you can use on household items that require lubrication.

Verdict: This is a high-quality oil from a brand that’s been there for years. And if you’re looking for the best pocket sewing oil, Dritz is among the best.

7. 4 oz. Sewing Machine Oil

As the name suggests, this is a 4 oz oil. But for clarity purposes, it’s the Imperial IT20 sewing machine oil. Price is one thing that sets it apart. For the most part, it’s among the cheapest you can get. So, if you have a tight budget, this sewing machine oil will suit you. The best part, it offers more for the price. First, it comes in a straight-forward bottle. Together with a telescopic spout, it makes precision oiling easier. By the way, the spout extends out to around 12 inches to give more reach.


IT20 sewing machine oil has no smell and leaves no stain. Plus, it’s thicker than most sewing machine oils. As a result, it clings better to the machine to give a long-lasting coat. Hence, you get to apply less often. IT20 can handle other appliances and machines that need precision oiling. Thus, you can put it to many other uses aside from sewing machines.

Verdict: IT20 is ideal for those that seek the best budget sewing machine oil.

8. Lily White Industrial Sewing Machine Oil

This sewing machine oil looks quite simple on the outside. But there’s more to its simple look. In the first place, it’s top-quality mineral oil. Similar to previous lily-white oils, it’s less viscous. As a result, it flows faster and easily through mechanical parts. In fact, it makes an excellent choice for high-speed industrial machines. However, that doesn’t mean it can’t take care of domestic sewing machines.

The oil is transparent. So, there’s less to worry about stains and marks. To take you back, this is stainless mineral oil. Thus, it easily provides lubrication at high temperatures. Quantity is another important aspect of this sewing machine oil. It packs an entire 1 quart. Depending on how often you use it, it can easily last a couple of months.

Verdict: If you’re after quantity, this oil makes an excellent choice. And if you do your math well, it’s a lot cheaper than most models.

9. HELMAR Colonial 29 Super Lube Machine Oil

Well, this is the best wide spout sewing machine oil. But why would one need a wide spout? Unlike narrow spouts, it doesn’t have a lot of squeezing to do. So, those with arthritis can benefit a lot. Better still, a single application lasts for a comparatively long time. So, even though it weighs 4.23 ounces, this small bottle can last quite a while. Again, this is a pharmaceutical-grade sewing machine oil. It’s colorless and non-toxic. Thus, you don’t have to worry about it coming in contact with your skin.

Above all, it looks clean. Hence, it’s easy to wipe off any excess mess. Like most oils on our list, it’s multipurpose. For instance, you can use it on household appliances, power tools, and more.

Verdict: If you need less squeezing and more drops, this oil is excellent for you.

10. Juki Genuine Defrix Sewing Machine Oil

Though a bit expensive, this oil is worth every penny, and for a good reason. First, this is high-quality oil straight from Japan. According to research, it brings the friction between parts to 0%. Hence, it increases longevity and offers consistent performance. The oil maintains the right viscosity level. So, it spreads out equally once applied. Unlike other sewing machine oils, it’s odorless. Thus, you won’t experience any annoying smells.

This oil focuses more on Juki sewing machines. Nonetheless, it’s flexible enough for every brand. By the way, this oil comes in a 600ml container. Therefore, it can last quite a while. On a side note, this is clear white oil. As a result, it doesn’t leave stains on fabrics.

Verdict: Need pure oil that offers consistent performance? Well, Juki makes an excellent choice.

Buying Guide for Choosing Best Sewing Machine Oil

Want to keep your sewing machine running smoothly? If so, you need to use the right kind of oil regularly. However, determining the best sewing machine oil is no easy task. To help you out, here are the main things to consider.

Best Sewing Machine Oil


Are you buying oil exclusively for a fresher sewing machine? For this, you need to read the user guide of your machine first. If any, choose the one preferred in the manual. But what if there are no recommendations? Your best alternative is oil from a brand that has a good name on the market.

Besides, there are two primary reasons for reading manuals. First, some models tend to self-lubricate. That means a bottle of oil won’t be necessary. Also, some sewing machines come in plastic and nylon parts. Such models don’t need oiling at all.


Both the machine and oil brand matters a lot. For the record, there are sewing machine brands that produce oil. A good example is Singer. In such a case, it’s always safe to pick that oil. Wondering why? Well, such oils are specifically for that particular sewing machine. So, they’re likely to work better on sewing machines from the same brand.

But what if the sewing machine brand doesn’t produce any oil? Well, the above top 10 best sewing machine oils should do. Remember, these are multipurpose oils. As a result, they’re safe for any sewing machine.

Low Viscosity

Generally, thin oils should do fine on sewing machines. The more viscous the oil, the less it will spread out. So, it’s no surprise to get some parts wet and others dry. Moreover, thick oil is more likely to clog the gears. While at it, ensure that the oil prevents rust and leaves no stains.

Absence of Artificial Aroma

Aroma, in most cases, is never good for your health. Not to mention, it can leave unwanted smells on fabrics. It’s a great concern, especially for people suffering from allergies. Therefore, pick a sewing machine oil that is odorless.

Handy Spout

Though not a primary concern, it helps a lot. It’s essential, especially when oiling deep crevices or tight corners. Consider a long or telescopic spout for distant parts. For tight curves, pick a spout that is flexible or bendable. These are a must-have for precision oiling.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How often should I oil a sewing machine?

How often to oil depends on the frequency of use. For instance, if you use it every day, then lubricate once a week. Those that use once a week should lubricate once a month. However, some recommend that you oil before every use. While it sounds reasonable, there’s a high risk of over-oiling. After all, it’s no fun finding oil dripping onto your project.

What types of sewing machine oils exist?

Most oils are petroleum-based. However, you have synthetic oil. This is an artificial alternative. Unlike mineral oils, it’s safer to use on rubber, plastic, and painted surfaces.

Are there any substitutes for sewing machine oil?

Well, there are several alternative options. We recommend Three-in-one oil, mineral oil, and Marvel Mystery oil.

Does sewing machine oil go bad?

Except for Singer 2131E, you’ll rarely find oil without an expiry date. So, sewing machine oil does go bad. But with proper storage, you can extend its life by years.


Well, there you go, folks. By now, you know a thing or two about the importance of oiling your machine. Regular oiling promotes efficient running. As a result, it continues more years to the life of your sewing machine. So, you must take good care of it at all costs.

Lucky for you, you’ve read the article above. We’ve given tips and recommendations for the best sewing machine oil. Therefore, go out there and pick one that best matches your needs. Plus, don’t forget to share this article. It will help persons that have difficulties choosing the right oil for their machine.

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