Best Sewing Machine Needles – Must-Haves for a Perfect Stitch

You have yourself the best sewing machine money can buy. But there’s a problem. You just aren’t getting the stitches right. Well, chances are you’re not using the right sewing machine needle. Like most would tell you, “the needle is just as important as the machine.” So, the needles you choose can either ruin or perfect your stitches. Hence, this begs the question, “what are the best sewing machine needles?” Furthermore, how do you tell the best from the multitude of options?

Well, picking the best quality sewing machine needles is no rocket science. But that doesn’t mean it’s a straightforward process. In fact, most end picking up the wrong needles for the job. To avoid that, we’ve shortlisted and reviewed the best sewing machine needles. Even among the best, there’s one that stands out. In this regard, we consider 50 Pieces Organ Home Sewing Needles our top choice. It has the most needle sizes in one package. That means it can tackle any fabric you have in mind. Above all, these are needles from one of the most reputable brands.

Top 7 Best Sewing Machine Needles

Your pocket speaks a lot. And so do your taste and preferences. In a nutshell, the final choice lies with you. Here are the best-selling sewing machine needles to consider.

1. SINGER Universal Regular Point Machine Needles

SINGER Universal Regular Point Machine Needles is an all-around brand in the craft of sewing. The best part, most of its products fit the bill, no matter your sewing machine brand. Take for instance these universal regular point needles. For the price, these 20-count needles are among the cheapest out there. But how effective are they? Better still, do they boast the quality of decent sewing machine needles?

Well, let’s first start with the design of these sewing machine needles. As the name suggests, these are universal regular point needles. Hence, they’re versatile and ready for action on woven fabrics. Above all, these needles are suitable for all sewing machine brands. You’ll notice two things in the design of these needles. First, the point is slightly rounded. Even then, it still retains enough sharpness to pierce woven fabrics. Secondly, it’s tapered to slip through without producing a run. Overall, it’s one needle with a thoughtful design.

As earlier mentioned, these needles are among the most versatile. For instance, they’re ideal for light to heavy fabrics. More importantly, they make an excellent choice for quilting projects. As for the quality, it’s nothing short of top-notch. Crafted from nickel-plated steel, they will last several sewing projects. Keep in mind; these sewing machine needles have color codes. It makes it easier to choose the appropriate needle. Beginners and persons with poor eyesight will find it useful.

These are versatile needles for all woven fabrics. They’re super strong and compatible with all home sewing machines. Plus, they’re among the best budget sewing machine needles on the market.

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2. Euro-Notions Schmetz Universal Machine Needles

Euro-Notions Schmetz Sewing Machine Needles have been there for over a century. So, these are needles from a brand with lots of expertise. And during all that time, Schmetz provides consistent quality. Hence, expect these needles to give a perfect stitch every time. But apart from the good name, what else have these needles to offer?

First, these needles offer the best in quality and durability. It’s no surprise they make a top choice in leather applications. Needless to say, these are universal sewing machine needles. That means they can sew through all regular stuff, from woven to knitted fabric. To break it down, the needles come in three sizes. There’s the 70/10 size that makes a perfect choice for lighter materials. For medium fabrics, you’ll find the 80/12 size a welcome choice. 90/14 size makes light work of heavy fabrics.

Again, Schmetz needles are compatible with most sewing machines. The carrying case is a bit more compact. Thus, it’s easy to fit in the storage compartment of your machine.

Schmetz needles are ideal for most applications. From woven to knitted fabrics, and from leather to heavy fabrics, it suits all. Again, the bulk quantity pack offers the best value for money.

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3. SASEW8012 Sewing Machine Needles By Organ

Most brands offer around 10 or so needles for the price. Thus, the fact that Organ provides 100 of these makes it a real bargain. Well, let’s do a bit of math here. A needle requires changing after every 6 hours of continuous use. That means you can get up to 600 hours from these needles. Hence, you’re less likely to feel the guilt of “wasting” needles.

Remember, organ sewing machine needles don’t come in a variety pack. But on the brighter side, they’re all-purpose 80/12 needles. Plus, they make the best quilting needles out there. These needles are specially designed for Brother sewing machines. Nonetheless, they work exceptionally well on other home sewing machines.

The organ offers the most needles for the price. Though branded “Organ needles,” they’re a product of Brother company. Therefore, there’s zero chance that they’ll skimp on quality.

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4. SCHMETZ Universal 130/705 H Sewing Machine Needles

You’ll pay a lot at once for these needles, no doubt about it. But then, you buy them in bulk. In fact, you get them in a pack of 100 needles. Again, these are no ordinary sewing machine needles. You get the superior quality of the old, reliable Schmetz needles. Hence, there’s no room for rejects nor second-hand sewing needles. That means no more skipping stitches or having to toss out a needle. Overall, they turn out more economical than cheaper options out there.

You might wonder what ‘130/705 H’ means. Well, it’s a needle system compatible with all brands of home sewing machines. Again, these are 90/14 sewing needles. That makes them an excellent choice for medium-weight fabrics. However, they’re strong enough for heavy-weight fabrics, such as denim.

These sewing needles hail from one of the most reliable brands. Hence, there are no quality issues here. Plus, if you want the most needles in one package, Schmetz is your best bet.

5. 50 Pieces Organ Home Sewing Machine Needles

Are you looking for a package with more variety? If so, then look no further than these Organ sewing needles. For the most part, sewing needles come in packages of up to three sizes. However, these particular needles take things a notch higher. You get a whopping of five different sizes, including sizes 9, 11, 14, 16, and 18. By the way, each size comes in a separate envelope that comprises 10 pieces.

Clearly, these needles have what it takes to serve all sewing demands. Based on the sizes, they’re ideal for a wide range of fabrics. These include fine fabrics, such as silk, to the very heavy faux fur. Again, these sewing needles are created with precision. They’re sharper than universal sewing needles. That makes them ideal for fine woven fabrics and for quilting. Above all, these are all-around needles. Therefore, they’re compatible with all home sewing machine brands.

A versatile package from a time-tested brand. Not to mention, these are super affordable needles for a tight budget.

6. SINGER 04808 Titanium Universal Regular Point Machine Needles

Some people tend to dislike titanium-coated needles. Well, they have their reason. For the most part, titanium makes needles two times stronger. So, when it breaks, it can cause damage to the fabric or machine. But then, the chances of that happening are quite slim. Also, titanium needles don’t bend, even at higher temperatures. Models, such as SINGER 04808, tend to have a smooth and plain surface. Thus, it’s less likely to damage fabrics. Above all, it offers an excellent grip for a better stitching experience.

The titanium coating is but one of the many beauties of this package. For instance, these sewing needles come in assorted sizes. Primarily, you get them in three sizes of 80/11, 90/14, and 100/16. As you can see, it includes sizes for lightweight, medium, to heavy fabrics. Also, these needles sync with most home sewing machines. Plus, the needles are color-coded for easy identification.

A must-have package for extra-durable sewing needles. Plus, they are versatile enough for lightweight to heavyweight fabrics.

7. Euro-Notions Schmetz 1783 Jean & Denim Machine Needles

Do you sew tougher materials, such as heavy denim? Well, Euro-Notions 1783 might be the right toolset for you. These needles have a sharp tip and stiff shaft. Hence, it’s much easier to penetrate multiple layers of woven fabrics. No wonder, many consider these the best sewing machine needles for quilting. By the way, these are 110/18 needles.

The package comprises five needles. In comparison, it’s less than what other packages have to offer. But then, these are high-quality, durable sewing needles. Thus, they will save you many trips to the store.

Dealing with tightly woven fabrics? Maybe denim or artificial lea? Well, Schmetz 1783 is your best bet.

Buying Guide for Choosing Best Sewing Machine Needles

A lot goes into choosing the ideal sewing machine needles. After all, you don’t want to end up with a flimsy needle that breaks. Or worse still, one that’s incompatible with your machine or fabric. So, what determiners decide the best needles for the job? In this guide, we’ll get to know the most important features to look for.

Sewing Machine Needle


The correct needle size is essential in producing a good quality stitch. There exist two needle sizing systems: European and American. Based on European standards, a needle’s size varies from 60 to 120. In the American system, needle sizes range from 8 to 19. The lower the number the lighter the needle.

Again, most brands show both sizes. For instance, 9/70, 11/80, 14/90, and 16/100. The first (9/70) denotes a lighter needle for lightweight fabrics, such as silk. The last (16/100) indicates a heavier needle for heavy fabrics, such as denim. Here’s a size chart for easy understanding.

American European Ideal Fabric Type
8 60 Very fine fabrics, such as silk and chiffon
9 65
10 70
11 75 Lightweight fabrics, such as cotton, spandex, and Lycra
12 80
14 90 Medium-weight fabrics like velvet, linen, and fleece
16 100 Heavyweight fabrics, such as denim and leather
18 110 Very heavy fabrics, such as faux fur and upholstery fabrics
19 120
20 125 Extra-heavy fabrics
21 130

Needle Type

Not all sewing needles bear the same design. Altogether, there are around thirteen different types of needles. Plus, each is designed for a specific use. The most common types include:

Needle Type

  • Universal (An all-purpose choice for woven fabrics)
  • Embroidery
  • Ballpoint (Ideal for closely-knit fabrics)
  •  Wing (Excellent for decorative finishes)
  • Leather (Ideal for non-woven materials)
  • Quilting (Characterized by an extra-strong shaft)
  • Microtex (Slender and sharper for fine woven fabrics)

Based on the use, you can select the type that best matches your project.

Color Code

Shoulder Color Type
Purple Stretch
Red Embroidery
Green Quilting
Yellow Microtex
Blue Denim
Uncolored Others
Shank Color Shaft Size (American) Shaft Size (European)
Blue 11 75
Orange 12 80
Red 14 90
Purple 16 100
Green 18 110

Instead of needle type or size, some brands use color codes. The color, in most cases, is either on the shank or shoulder. Here are a color chart and the corresponding needle type or size.

Needle Brand

There are many brands out there. However, not all offer quality products. To be on the safe side, consider the old, reputable brands. Some top choices include SINGER, Schmetz, and Brother (Organ).

Sewing Machine Brand

Except for universal needles, compatibility can be an issue. Before you buy, take the time to read the package. Find out which sewing machines are compatible with a particular needle.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How often does one need to change a sewing machine needle?

For the most part, replacement is needed after every 8 hours of use. Also, you can change needles after every 2 pre-wound or 3 full bobbins. Not to forget, you should switch needles when changing fabrics.

How do I minimize the chances of a needle breaking?

Foremost, use a needle that’s compatible with a particular fabric. Also, ensure that the needle hasn’t lost its sharpness. It will allow the tip to pierce through the material easily.

Is it possible to sharpen a sewing machine needle?

Yes, it’s possible. However, it’s time-consuming. The more cost-effective option is to get a new needle.


Good stitching entails a lot. The best sewing machine tops the list. So does an ideal sewing machine needle. If you get these two right, then you’re good to go. However, picking the right one takes plenty of time and research. So far, we’ve made things easier for you. All you have to do is pick the best sewing machine needles from our list. And when you do, don’t forget to give us feedback. After all, you’ll be helping someone out there.

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