The Best Embroidery Scissors – Top 10 Model Reviewed

Why do people spend so much time gushing over Westcott Titanium bonded scissors? Yes, they are visually appealing but does that make them special? How about the Fiskars Forged Embroidery scissors? Is there more to the pair than their visually exciting design?

Fiskars knows what it takes to create functional embroidery scissors. They have gone to great lengths to capture the attention of the average consumer using the style and finish of their products. However, they also understand that the right embroidery scissors should be properly shaped and sized to perform the difficult work of embroidering.

But the number of embroidery scissors on the market is so large that finding a decent pair is bound to present a challenge, especially for enthusiastic amateurs who need a dainty tool to perform their applique work but have no idea where to start searching.

This is why the list below was generated, to give you a proper starting point in your search for the best embroidery scissors on the market:

10 Best Embroidery Scissors

1. Mazbot Bent Handle Curved Embroidery Scissors

These scissors are Pakistan-made and they are amazing. At 2 inches x 1 inches x 7 inches, they are quite small, and that works in your favor because they can reach all those tight spaces at the most awkward angles without forcing you to unravel your projects.

Mazbot Bent Handle Curved Embroidery Scissors

At 0.8 ounces, they are also very light which is appealing because embroidery takes a lot of time and effort and these scissors can do their work without exhausting your hand. The chrome-over-nickel finish is pretty. It is also durable, producing blades that can be resharpened where necessary.

The tip is appropriately sharp. You can use it to reach all those difficult threads; It is also possible to cut close to the stitch, not to mention trimming stitches on small designs. People that have used the scissors for applique and embroidery work have expressed immense satisfaction with their effectiveness.

2. BIHRTC Vintage Scissors

People buy BIHRTC Vintage Scissors primarily for embroidering purposes but they are just as effective for needlework, crewel, and beginners sewing; you can also use them for crafting. The blades are sharp enough to cut paper. You can blame this on the product’s sturdy build which, in turn, comes from the alloy processing methods that were used to craft the stainless steel, producing a special hardness.

BIHRTC Vintage Scissors

The scissors generate a surprisingly satisfying sound whenever you snip yarn with them. The size (5.9 inches x 2.9 inches x 0.4 inches) is appropriate for the work the scissors are expected to do, which is to cut and trim all those pesky threads without taking your work off the hoop.

Most of the work is done by the tip which is sharp enough to break the skin if you’re not careful. You cannot ignore the design. The Vintage European style of the scissors is arresting. The alloy handle is comfortable but is weakly made, prone to breaking if you apply too much effort.

3. Fiskars Forged Embroidery Scissors

People normally use Embroidery scissors to perform delicate embroidery work. They rarely rely on them for everyday use. However, Fiskars Forged Embroidery scissors are so balanced that you can use them for ordinary purposes such as removing the small hairs that sometimes manifest on the surface of clothing. At 0.6 inches x 4.4 inches x 8.3 inches, they are definitely tiny.

Fiskars Forged Embroidery Scissors

But the holes of the double-loop handle can accommodate much larger hands. The handle is also responsible for some of the balance offered by the scissors. The blades with their precision-ground edge are supposed to stay sharp for longer periods despite rigorous use.

And because the blades are sharp all the way to the tip, these scissors do an amazing job of cutting fabric. They look so slender and weak but that makes them perfect for cross stitch and the trimming of intricate quilts.

4. Embroidery Scissors Gold Stork Sewing Scissors

BROSHAN Embroidery Scissors Gold looks expensive despite its surprisingly affordable price tag. The stainless steel from which they are made is long-lasting, resisting corrosion, rust, and even stains. But most people are primarily interested in the charming gold-plated handles whose finish makes these scissors the perfect decorative gift.

Embroidery Scissors Gold Stork Sewing Scissors

As with most embroidery scissors, these ones are quite small (4.5 inches x 2 inches x 0.4 inches). But they are much heavier (1.6 ounces) than you might presume, though not so heavy that they will debilitate your work. Working in tandem with the stork design, the tips are sharp and narrow, allowing you to get very close to the fabric when you trim threads.

It is a little unfortunate that they have no sheath. Considering how sharp they are, you need to be careful when you store them.

5. Westcott Curved Titanium Bonded Scissors

These scissors use a mixture of Chromium Nitride and Titanium to strengthen their blades. Rather than painting it on, the formula is bonded to the blade, ensuring that it penetrates the metal. The result is a blade that is resistant to corrosion. It is also three times harder than stainless steel.

Westcott Curved Titanium Bonded Scissors

As such, you can trust it to stay sharp for a much longer period. You can also trust it to cut with greater efficiency. With these scissors, you can cut fabric, paper, and even cardboard. The attraction of most embroidery scissors is their tips, and that is true for this item as well.

The two excellent points create the perfect tip for embroidery and applique work. You can even use them to cut those tiny loose threads on clothing. But the handle is where these scissors shine best. It has a contoured surface with a soft grip that has been ergonomically designed to deliver optimal comfort, enabling you to cut and snip and trim without exhausting your hand.

The rubbery elements will prevent your fingers from slipping while you work. They also provide decent cushioning.

6. Gold Plated Stainless Steel Scissors for Embroidery

These scissors are shipped two at a time, which is why the price tag is higher than expected. Because they are made from the finest stainless steel, they don’t corrode or rust, and neither do they stain. This is important for the blades which are more likely to maintain their strength for longer periods.

Gold Plated Stainless Steel Scissors for Embroidery

As far as the application is concerned, you can use the scissors for needlework, embroidery, sewing, crafting, crewel, and any other task that requires a stable hand and a delicate instrument. The blades are sharp enough to cut threads and paper. If the need arises, considering the fine tip they offer, you can use the scissors to punch through the plastic to open a shampoo bottle.

The size (3.5 inches x 0.1 inches x 1.8 inches) is encouraging because it allows you to reach tight spaces. The same can be said for the weight (0.8 ounces), which allows you to work at awkward angles without experiencing fatigue in your hands.

Though, a surprising number of consumers are more interested in the gold plating than they are the functionality. And they are not wrong. These scissors are as pretty as they are strong. You want to keep looking at them.

7. Yueton Plum Blossom Scissors

Don’t be surprised to find people buying these scissors for their aesthetic value. There is so much detail in the plum blossom copper plating. And the vintage European flair immediately sets them apart. But they bring so much more to the table than their beauty.

Yueton Plum Blossom Scissors

At 0.64 ounces, they are among the lightest scissors on this list. But that makes them more maneuverable, simplifying the process of navigating tight spaces. As with most embroidery scissors, these were designed to make quick snips, so the points are incredibly sharp.

8. Gingher Inc Classic Embroidery Scissors

At 4 inches, security is unlikely to stop you from taking these scissors on a plane. They are too small to pose much of a threat. But that doesn’t make them harmless. The blades are hand-tuned. They will cut right through most lightweight material, not just threads but fabric. This is why the manufacturers offer a leather sheath. It will prevent the blades from causing undue harm when not in use.

Gingher Inc Classic Embroidery Scissors

The point is incredibly sharp. You can get very close to the fabric to remove tiny hairs without causing unnecessary damage. At 1.6 ounces, they bring plenty of heft to the table, infusing a surprising amount of control into their slender frame.

The double-looped handle accommodates both right-handed and left-handed users. The double-plated finish is striking.

9. MonkeyJack Antique Vintage Style Scissors

As far as embroidery scissors are concerned, these are among the prettiest on the market. They are rose gold, made even more visually appealing by their small size and bright finish. You use them to perform delicate cuts in needlework, crewel, and embroidery.

MonkeyJack Antique Vintage Style Scissors

People give them as gifts for decorative purposes. However, they are just as appealing for DIY craft work. Though, the blade tends to grow dull if you expose it to rigorous cutting. The material is stainless steel which won’t corrode, stain, or rust. You also get the sharp points for which embroidery scissors are known.

10. Stork Embroidery Scissors 3.5 Inch

This pair of scissors provides the perfect combination of precision, functionality, and beauty. The frame is slender, sufficient for reaching and eliminating threads in difficult positions without disrupting your work. Though, you should avoid cutting heavy fabric or yarns.

Stork Embroidery Scissors

The stainless steel blades are sharp but they cannot stand up to such stress. The handles are comfortable and compatible with left-handed and right-handed users. Because the blades are so slim, you can perform delicate embroidery work with incredible efficiency people who crochet will love them.

The product’s white floral pattern is a fascinating bonus. It gives the scissors a soothing, alluring appearance.

Best Embroidery Scissors Buying Guide

Embroidering is delicate and time-consuming work. It requires patience and determination and the wrong pair of scissors can make the work particularly tiresome. For that reason, you are encouraged to closely scrutinize every pair of embroidery scissors you want to buy, keeping the blades, the handle, and the style in mind.

Best Embroidery Scissors

The Handle

Surprisingly enough, this might be the most important aspect of your embroidery scissors. Embroidery scissors are incredibly small. As such, using them tends to get uncomfortable very quickly. The only way to keep the distress at bay while you perform delicate work is to ensure that you purchase scissors with handles that are large enough to accommodate the size of your fingers.

Keep an eye out for cushioned scissors with ergonomic grips that can permit you to work comfortably for long periods without any hand fatigue.

The Blades

This goes without saying. To perform all the precise trimming, snipping, and cutting that embroidery requires without harming your fabric, you need scissors with incredibly sharp but narrow blades. This will enable you to keep your projects neat.

But sharp blades are not enough. The scissors must also be long-lasting. Otherwise, the blades will deteriorate with extensive use. Keep an eye out for scissors with stainless steel blades that won’t corrode or rust. This affects their durability and cutting power in the long run.

The Style

Some embroidery scissors are curved, not just at the tip but at the handle as well. This isn’t a simple aesthetic feature. Instead, it affects the functionality of the scissors, impacting their ability to reach and cut threads without disrupting your work. In truth, you can get embroidery scissors in a wide variety of styles. But most people only care about the curved handles and tips.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for satisfactory embroidery scissors, there is no shortage of high-quality options on the market. However, the best products are difficult to identify which is why the list above was generated. Every single item reviewed possesses all the attributes you expect to find in the best embroidery scissors.

First of all, they are all sufficiently small. Secondly, they are lightweight, easy to use without taxing your hand. Thirdly, they are all so visually appealing. If you are going to produce beautiful embroidery work, it helps to utilize attractive, potentially inspiring instruments.

Additionally, they are made from stainless steel which is known for producing sharp, durable blades that do not rust or corrode.

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